"I have had many lessons with Gia, vocal coaching, audition pieces and show work. She has helped me acquire different techniques and a positive approach to my performance. I would highly recommend Gia to anyone wishing to gain confidence/ improve their vocals."


Gabriella Bella Maskell (16 yrs old)



"I first started singing lessons with Gia 6 years ago. I'd had several singing teachers in the past, but they could never help me reach my full potential. As for Gia, she not only transformed my voice but helped me achieve my dreams.
Her knowledge of not only the voice, but the industry, knows no bounds. She is very dedicated to her students. You are not seen as a number in the system, but as an individual, a professional and she will be with you on your journey every step of the way. The industry can be a tough place, a mentor like Gia are one in a million.
When I first started with Gia I was a shy, quiet singer. She helped me find my voice resulting in me gaining a place at The London School Of Musical Theatre. Now out of training, and being a working actor in the business, I can still go to Gia to help me with auditions and my singing technique.
I couldn't recommend Gia enough. She has opened so many doors for me by just opening up my voice.
I couldn't thank her enough."


Ashleigh Cavanagh (22 yrs old)

"Having sung backing vocals in bands for many years with no formal training I had the opportunity to take part in a local production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I had lessons with Gia to develop my voice, confidence and performance. She has taught me how to strengthen my voice, increase my range and avoid any vocal damage by using the correct breathing and singing techniques. I'm now comfortably singing lead vocals in my latest band and can't thank Gia enough for the knowledge, confidence and techniques I have gained from being taught by someone at the top of her profession. If like me you've always wanted to learn to sing and perform properly, you won't find a finer teacher than Gia."


Phil Probyn (43 yrs old)